Photographer Captured Upclose Encounter with Migaloo, The Only White Humpback Whale in The World (Video)

The Pacific Whale Foundation has been tracking reports of Migaloo sightings, which in the aboriginal Australian language means “White Fella.” Paul Forestell, the foundation’s Vice President, came up with the name after receiving guidance from an Aboriginal elder.

Migaloo is the only all-white humpback whale known to exist, and he wanders up and down Australia’s east coast. With the help of the local media and tourists, he has become rather well-known. Migaloo was first seen in 1991, when he was estimated to be between three and five years old. Migaloo was discovered to be male in 2004 after sloughed skin samples were analyzed.

Environmentalists believed he was growing upset as a result of the large number of boats following him around each day. In response to their worries, the governments of Queensland and New South Wales adopt laws each year to construct a 500-meter (1600-foot) exclusion zone around the whale to keep him safe.

Migaloo has skin cancer and/or skin cysts as a result of his lack of UV protection owing to his white hue, according to recent closeup photos. This is fairly prevalent among white or albino animals, which is one of the reasons why their rarity in nature.

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