Stray cat refuses to eat unless food is in a bag: 1 day they follow her and discover her secret

There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for their little ones. A dog, a cat, or a human, does it make any difference? An incredible story about one cat mother went viral and it touched the hearts of many.

Namely, a woman was feeding the stray cats every single day. Among them was a cat she named Dongsuk.

Dongsuk would always eagerly wait to munch on her portion of food, but all of a sudden, that changed. While the rest of the cats ate the food, she would just stare at them. One day, the woman put the food in a small beg which Dongsuk grabbed with her mouth. She then headed somewhere with it.


As this behavior was quite strange, the woman decided to follow the cat one day. When she realized what Dongsuk did with the food, her heart melted.

It turned out that Dongsuk was a mammy of a tiny kitten. In fact, she gave birth to five babies, but only one of them survived. The little one looked exactly like its mom.

Once she approached the little one, the mommy cat opened the bag of food. The kitten ate until her belly was full and it was only then that Dongsuk started eating herself.


The woman was so moved by the sight that she decided to do something for the mom and her baby.

To learn more about Dongsuk and what happened to her and the kitten check out the video below.

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